STEER Collaborative

Why approach STEER Collaborative?

Increase patient participation
Disseminate to all regional hospitals
Primary authorship to multi-site study.
STEER can review the proposal.
Quality assurance
Suggest resources
Statistical advice

Implementation process

Got a research idea?

Step 1

Perform a literature review and refine your research question

Step 2

Write the research proposal A Suggested proposal form can be found here

Step 3

Start a pilot phase at your local trust

Step 4

Send to STEER Committee STEER Committee will:

  1. Review the proposal
  2. Advice on alterations
  3. Quality assurance
  4. Suggest resources
  5. Statistical advice

Step 5

STEER will launch the project and disseminate to other regional/national collaborators for data collection

Step 6

STEER will manage the project, collate data and return to lead research team for analysis and dissemination