‘Assessing the long-term impact of multimodality management of rectal cancer during the pandemic and beyond’ ReCaP will primarily describe the […]

The MAMMA study

Aims and Objectives The aim of the MAMMA study (Mastitis And Mammary abscess Management Audit) is to describe the current […]


ROSSINI 2 Study ROSSINI 2 is a multi-arm, multi-stage (MAMS) pragmatic, multicentre, RCT exploring the use of three separate in-theatre […]


DAMASCUS Study DAMASCUS (Diverticular Abscess Management: A Snapshot Collaborative aUdit Study) is an international, prospective study aiming to investigate the […]


PREPARE – ABC Study Prepare-ABC is a multi-site clinical trial primarily looking into the effects of pre and post-operative exercise […]


The PITSTOP Study: PIlonidal sinus Treatment: STudying the OPtions The PITSTOP study is a prospective observational cohort study which aims […]


Sunflower Study A randomised controlled trial to establish the clinical and cost effectiveness of expectant management (i.e No Imaging) versus […]