The PITSTOP Study: PIlonidal sinus Treatment: STudying the OPtions

The PITSTOP study is a prospective observational cohort study which aims to determine the subtypes of pilonidal disease, to describe the various interventions, to engage with patients and to determine which outcomes they value and which interventions they prefer/do not prefer and to provide recommendations for further research.

The study collects data on individuals presenting with pilonidal sinus disease. It aims to classify the various presentations and severity of the disease. It records the outcomes of various surgical techniques. It will also identify patient-specific disease features that might predict poor outcomes in each treatment group.

The study also includes qualitative interviews for a sample of patients and consensus exercise with clinicians to identify front running interventions for specific clinical scenarios.

The study is sponsored by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and funded by NIHR Health Technology Assessment. Click here for the study protocol and for more information about how to join.

Or you can help the pistol team figure out what treatments are currently being offered for pilonidal sinus disease. Deliver a questionnaire to local consultants and secure collaborative authorship. Please, contact us for more information.

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